Finally SSH access to mercurial repositories has landed! Just add your public ssh key to your Versionshelf account and you can clone, push and pull via Secure Shell (SSH) to your mercurial repositories.

account form with SSH key

Besides beeing a secure transport mechanism, SSH access allows all operations without using a login or password. Installation of the mercurial_keyring extension or - even worse - the use of insecure plain text passwords in your hgrc configuration is not necessary anymore.

Another great use for ssh keys is automated project deployments. Just create a special deployment user, supply the public ssh key and trigger deployments with a Versionshelf web hook call.

Please find the details how to access your repository via ssh in the Versionshelf admin under the repository details. There we describe how to use ssh keys, how to clone your repository and also display the repository specific ssh url.

Also ssh access for git repositories is on its way. More on this shortly.