We used the last couple of months to enhance Versionshelf.

To name the most important aspects: Git Integration, better Performance, unified Code Browser and German localization are now implemented.

Git support

Due to the popularity of distributed version control systems, Versionshelf offers you the possibility to use Git. As with the other repository types, it is now possible to just select Git as repository type on repository creation. Integration is identical to the other vcs types. There is the code browser, external integrations with hooks and the activity overview.

Unified Code Browser

The code browser is now the same for all three repository types: git, subversion and mercurial. Usage of revision diffs, source code highlighting, source browsing, blame and all the other stuff is now unified. With the new browser we also refactored the syntax highlighting to use pygments. So you can now view beautifully highlighted code for more than a 100 configuration file types, programming languages and markup languages. This gives Versionshelf a much better user experience and look’n’feel.

German localization

Sie können Versionshelf jetzt komplett in Deutscher Sprache nutzen. Jeder Benutzer kann seine bevorzugte Sprache in den Einstellungen wählen.

Further enhancements will follow. .

We take care of version control, you take care of your code.

May the source be with you!

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